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September PTA Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2021

Welcome & Introductions

  • Adrienne Wheeler called the meeting to order at 6:34 PM

  • She welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the board & Mrs. Richardson

  • Everyone in attendance introduced themselves

Treasurer’s Report

  • Julie explained that our fundraising goal is $30,000

  • This fundraising money would be used for updates & enhancements to the building, wallpaper, flexible seating/calming corner, etc.

  • Katelyn Darling motioned to approve the 2021-2022 Treasurer’s Report & Budget; Alissa Worrall 2nd; motion carried.

Principally Speaking

  • Mrs. Richardson shared a few Covid updates to the calendar - at this point, we will not be having the “We Are Riverdale Heights” night or Grandparents/VIP Day this fall.

  • We will reassess the situation as the year goes on.

  • A.L.I.C.E. Drills are coming up next week

  • A.L.I.C.E. is our drill system for how we would respond to an intruder in our building. Just like we practice for a fire or severe weather, this is simply a way to practice a different kind of emergency.

  • Our counselor (Mr. Chiles) has gone into all kindergarten rooms to explain the idea of strangers and staying safe.

  • Teachers will be discussing and practicing our various response options should there be an intruder in the building.

  • October is Bullying Awareness Month. Mrs. Richardson reminded parents that there is a form on the District website under Students & Parents to report concerns. This form generates an email to Mrs. Richardson which will prompt an investigation.

  • Mrs. Richardson re-explained our parking lot expectations.

  • Students should enter and exit the passenger side independently.

  • If parents are getting out of their cars, we will ask them to park their cars instead of using the drive-thru lane

  • Please pull all the way to the front of the line so we can get parents in and out as quickly as possible.

  • If adults can use the crosswalks, that would help our students to follow our safety guidelines.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming up this fall. Administration is currently discussing the option of continuing to offer a virtual option in addition to in-person conferences. More information will be coming.

Current News/Committee Reports

  • Room Parent Update (Alexa Mendoza - given by Adrienne Wheeler)

  • Additional Volunteer Needs: all classrooms have a room parent! :)

  • PTA Meeting Follow-Up: please send your class the link to the meeting minutes that will be posted to the PTA website in “Trending Topics”

  • Halloween Party prep: Parties are scheduled for 10/29, please be in communication with your classroom volunteers and copy your classroom teacher so they are in the know.

  • Walk-a-Thon (Alissa Worrall):

  • Coming up on Friday 9/24

  • Packets went home - they are golden. If you haven’t seen one, please let us know and we can send another!

  • Goal = $15,000! Donations are due 9/29

  • Each grade-level will have a 20 minute time slot and a DJ will be there to keep things exciting!

  • If parents want to come watch their children’s time slot, they are welcome to but we cannot have parents in the building

  • We will also go live on the PTA Facebook page if you would rather join us virtually.

  • Dine & Donate (Chipotle & Portillo’s):

  • We are aiming to host one Dine & Donate per month where families can just go out to eat or grab something to take home and earn money for our school

  • Our first event is 9/25 from 4-8 at Chipotle in Davenport (you can order online, dine in or carry out) - just mention Riverdale Heights!

  • Our October Dine & Donate is October 13th at Portillo’s in Davenport.

  • November 20th is Panera on Elmore Avenue in Davenport

  • Trunk or Treat

  • Our BRAND NEW event! :) Friday October 15th

  • Parking spaces will be for sale - there are 68 of them and they will be first come first served. ($15 per lot)

  • If you don’t get a spot, you are welcome to park in the neighborhoods and walk to the lot.

  • ANYONE is welcome to come Trick or Treat at the trunks in the parking lot!

  • Reflections (Jessica Klemetson)

  • Amazing opportunity for students in Kindergarten-6th Grade to express themselves creatively!

  • Dance, literature, photography, visual arts, etc.

  • Theme this year = “I will change the world by…”

  • Registration is listed in enews and you can contact Jessica ( with any questions

  • Jessica will be here October 27-28 before school to collect submissions or your student can simply bring them to the office when they are ready to submit.

  • Square One Art (Dounia)

  • Fundraiser where students draw during school and you have the opportunity to purchase items with your child’s art on them (mugs, keychains, mouse pads, etc)

  • Teacher Appreciation (Dounia):

  • There will be Sign Up Genius getting sent out in the next few weeks:

  • We will be stocking the lounge

  • Conference Dinners in early November

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • PTA Meeting Dates for 2021-2022

  • December & March do not follow the typical 3rd Tuesday of the month schedule - vote

  • Julie James moved to approve our 2021-2022 calendar; Alissa Worrall 2nd; Motion Carried

  1. Announcements/Upcoming Events

  • September 24 = Walk-a-Thon

  • September 25 = Dine & Donate: Chipotle

  • October 13 = Dine & Donate: Portillo’s

  • October 15 = Trunk or Treat

  • October 19 = PTA Meeting

Q & A

  • A few specific questions were asked about Reflections and answered by Jess.

  • Question about the date of a Winter Program IF we get to have one would be Friday December 3rd.


  • Adrienne adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm.

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