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Rock n' Roll BINGO

at Riverdale Heights Elementary
Friday, November 17th

Please join us for one of Riverdale Heights' signature PTA events, Rock n' Roll BINGO night from 6-8:00PM on Friday, November 17th. Doors open at 5:45 for check in, arrive early! 
Take the night off from cooking and get your song requests ready for a night of family fun. We encourage you to order your BINGO chips and pizza packages ahead of time, but concessions and BINGO chips will be available the night of. Cash and Venmo payments accepted.

All pre-sells will be available to purchase until Thursday, November 16th at Noon.

What is the cost to attend and participate?

The event is $5 per person for the BINGO chips to play.

Are there prizes if you win a round?

Yes, our BINGO PTA parent volunteers have been hard at work securing both big and small prizes. The goal is for every child/student in attendance to win a prize.

Where does the event take place?

The event takes place in our school cafeteria. Just enter in the main school doors and you will run into our PTA event check-in tables.

What is included in a pizza package?

The pre-sell pizza package includes a whole large pizza and four drinks for $20. Pre-order is the only way this package is sold. The night of pizza by the slice, drinks, popcorn and candy will be available for purchase.

Ok, I pre-registered by purchasing my BINGO chips for my family -  now what?

On Friday, November 17th, upon check-in skip the big line and come to the pre-sell table to pick up your bingo chips. All day of sales will take place at another check-in table.

If you still have questions or would like to donate to this event, please email our PTA Parent Volunteers Natalie Maas or Alei Schell for more information.

BINGO 2023

Pre-Sells Closed

Pre-Sells Closed
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