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eNews 08.19.2022

Dear Riverdale Heights Families,

We are really looking forward to Meet and Greet Monday evening and cannot wait to see our students pack the hallways again on August 23rd. As we prepare for the 2022 - 2023 school year I wanted to remind everyone about our Riverdale Heights Parking Lot Procedures. Please review these procedures as you prepare for the first day of school.

At Riverdale Heights:

We are respectful We are responsible We are safe, and We care about others.

As I reflected on student safety, we decided to limit access points to the building as students arrive each day. Therefore, all students will enter the building through either the main entrance or playground doors, which will be opened by school staff at the conclusion of Fit for Life. Fit for Life is a supervised opportunity for students to walk laps around the playground prior to school doors opening at 8:15am. Please refrain from dropping your student(s) off prior to 8:00am, as there will not be supervision on the playground until that time.

Students will be dismissed at the following times each day:

3:00 pm - Classroom teachers will dismiss bus riders, clubs and Y Program students

3:03 pm - All walkers will be dismissed through grade level assigned doors, with the exception of siblings. Older students walking with a sibling should plan for a place in the building to meet, so that they can connect. (This may be in the younger students' classroom). Please make sure students understand the plan for your family before coming to school on Tuesday, August 23rd, perhaps practicing with your student at Meet and Greet Monday evening.

3:05 pm - All car riders will be dismissed and should exit through the front doors of the school.

3:07 pm - All students will have exited the building

On early dismissal days, students will be dismissed at the following times:

1:30 pm - Bus riders, clubs and Y program students

1:33 pm - Walkers

1:35 pm - Car riders

1:37 pm - All student will have exited the building

This plan is being put into place to create less congestion in the front of the building for rider pick up, along with helping to ensure all students are following their dismissal plans. As always, student safety is our top priority and we believe these slight modifications will help with these efforts.

If you are planning to pick your student up each day, it helps tremendously if you provide us the information modeled in the picture below to help staff as they call for students. Please have a sign ready, on your passenger side window, to assist us in getting your student(s) to you in a timely manner.

All students should be picked up by 3:15.

Thank you for taking time to read through all of this important information. I sincerely appreciate your time and attention as we work to put procedures in place to keep kids safe.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Richardson Riverdale Heights, Principal

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