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November Meeting Minutes

PTA November Meeting minutes

Date 11-17-2015

Teachers present- Mrs. Umland, Mrs. Wonderlich, and Mr. Haack.

Members present- Wendy, Subha, Paula and Sankari

Guest speaker: Mrs. Leslie Wonderlich.

She talked about her role in the school. She explained, what are all students responsibility and how she helped them to stay comfort in the school. She explained everything through “Who wants to be a Millionaire”.

Paula thanked everyone for the Book Fair support.

Sankari thanked everyone for the Parent Teacher Conference meal support.

Robotics Show case – It is on December 6th at Pleasant Valley High School Gymnasium from 3.00PM-5.00PM.

Bingo night is on Friday November 20th at 6.30PM.

Holiday program seats and parking sale – For $100 you will get 2 front row seats and parking space on “Winter program day at school”.

Winter program is on December 8th.

Variety show is on February 5th and applications are going on December 4th. Due date for the application is January 6th.

Winter holiday class party is on December 22nd at 2.30

PTA did the raffle for free Bingo Chips.

Please upload your photos for the year book. You can send email to Jennifer Kowing. Her email is

No Meeting in December.

Happy Holidays!